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 Woodmoe Local Schools - Facts, Figures & Levy Information -Levy Committee

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A Breakdown of School Funding -  Jaime Pearson

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              Levy Information

What cuts will be made if the renewal levy passes but the income tax levy does not?  Here is the list of budget reductions approved by the School Board during its February meeting, which will take place for the 2015-16 school year if the imcome tax levy fails to pass.


Field Trips $ 5,598

Reduce Supplemental Positions $ 39,169

Reduce bussing to a 2-mile radius and eliminate high school bussing $ 60,399
Gifted and Talented Teacher position $ 68,926
One Counseling position $ 58,593
One Custodial position $ 32,707
Four Elementary Teaching positions (one from each grade K, 1, 2, 3) $186,954
One Music position $ 68,889
One Physical Education position $ 45,500
Nursing Services $ 59,017

Total Savings: $625,752


Is it true that cuts will be made even if both levies pass?

Yes, regardless of whether both levies pass, cuts in the amount of $242,536 will be made for the 2015-16 school year. The reason for this is fairly straightforward. Even if the levies pass, we will not have access to that income until 2017. This leaves us with an 18 month gap in revenue. Administrators were asked to review the school budget to uncover areas they felt could be streamlined and served more efficiently in other ways. These cuts will remain in effect no matter the outcome of the levy votes. These cuts are outlined below.


One administrator (Curriculum Dir.)                         $78,338

Reduce Educational Service Center Contract         $32,829

Close out all accounts at Huntington Bank             $  7,827

EMIS Supplemental Positions                                   $  1,000

Do not replace aide position due to resignation      $30,384

Study Hall Monitor Position                                      $14,921

Half Time Spanish Position                                       $20,197

One Science Position                                                $57,040

Total Estimated Savings:                                          $242,536

*These numbers reflect the entire cost to the district for the position including all employment benefits




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