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349 Rice St. P.O. Box 701

    Elmore, Ohio 43416       

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District/Board of Education



 Woodmore Board of Education District Office

349 Rice St. P.O. Box 701

Elmore, Ohio 43416

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Members of the Board of Education

Joe Liszak -- President 

 Sam Preston -- Vice President

Cara Brown -- Board Member

Corinna Bench -- Board Member

 Sean Rizor -- Board Member 

Board Meeting Dates

Board Policies - listed to the left 



 The board of education will meet the second Tuesday of the month for committee meetings at 6 p.m.

           The regular board meetings will be held on the third Tuesdays of the month at 6:00 p.m.

                     These meetins will be held at the Woodmore Pre-k building in Woodville. 


                                      Buildings/Grounds/Transportation          Sam Preston
                               Finance                                                  Cara Brown
                               Policy                                                      Sean Rizor
                               Community Relations                              Sean RizorC
                               Staff                                                        Sam Preston
                               Instruction/Curriculum/Technology         Corinna Bench
                               Penta Representative                             Cara Brown
                               Athletic Council Representative              Joe Liszak
                               OSBA Legislative Liaison                        Sam Preston
                               OSBA Student Achievement Liaison       Corinna Bench









Woodmore Schools will be receiving a one-time reimbursement from North Point Educational Service Center in the amount of $280,000 by fiscal year’s end. After uncovering a possible overpayment on an Educational Service contract in 2013, Woodmore Treasurer Jaime Pearson contacted North Point ESC Treasurer Matt Bauer, who later corroborated her findings.  Bauer plans to bring the discovery to the attention of North Point’s Board of Education in the near future and request a full reimbursement for Woodmore.  If approved, the payment would be a one-time disbursement.

It is common practice for school districts to partner with Ohio’s Educational Service Centers. ESCs provide services such as specialized staff, professional development, technology, support, planning, and administrative services that help improve the quality of instruction for students.  Each contract year, school districts have the choice to pay for ESC services in one of two ways: by deducting funds out of State Foundation monies, or by paying a bill directly.  Over the course of the 2013 school year, it appears that Woodmore paid a portion of the ESC contract amount twice -- once through the state foundation money, and again through direct invoice. After investigating ESC contract payments in subsequent school years, both Pearson and Bauer seem fairly sure that the billing error was a one-time mistake. Woodmore’s 2014 financial records show no evidence of double-payment of ESC services. Woodmore will announce the final results once the North Point Board has reached a formal decision.

In spite of the fiscal “shot in the arm” that this reimbursement would provide to the district in the short-term, Pearson and the Woodmore School Board are still recommending the passage of the $600,000 emergency renewal and the 0.75% income tax levies on the ballot for May 5, citing the need for a long-term plan to restore the financial health of the district. 

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