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Academic Boosters


                                                Academic Boosters 





President - Jan Preston

Vice President - Joanne Villegas

Treasurer- Diane Buck

Secretary - Mark Gregory


Academic Booster Brochure



Twelve were present at the March 26, 2013 regular monthly meeting of the Academic Boosters. Michele Clark, Tina Sandwisch, Jayne Klett, Linda Bringman, Nancy Slotterbeck, Diane Buck, Mary Gregory, Barb Hipp, Joannie Villegas, John Zatko, Jan Preston, and Michele Gephart

Secretary's Reports—approved for January

Treasurer’s Report—$3,019.17

Bills paid—Paid $50.53 to Jan Preston for Ice Cream Rewards for Honor Roll Students

Correspondence: 3 New membership forms

New Business:                       

  • New Members-3 checks to cash still. John was not comfortable cashing them with the status of the group in limbo.
  • OGT Breakfast food was donated by John for the sophomores.
  • Scholarship amount was determined 3 @ $300 each will be awarded. The deadline is April 12. They will be selected at the next meeting by a committee excluding John.

Old Business:

  • Discussed Dissolving Academic Boosters by April/May—NO!

   John and Michele will be done after the May meeting. They will guide as needed.

   Core Group—A group of individuals has volunteered to keep the Academic Boosters going! They have awesome ideas and a wonderful enthusiasm that is much needed! The planning committee will be Jan Preston, Joannie Villegas, Mary Gregory, and Diane Buck.

   They will bring their ideas to the next meeting.

   They will determine: budget, goals, direction.

   They will get a list of emails together to contact members.

   NEED: Teacher liason for this group. Maybe on a rotation basis??? Possibly would like to add a student liason as well???

Meeting dates: April 17, May 15 at 7pm in the Library

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