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 REMINDER -- 5th & 6th Grade Choir

5th and 6th graders involved in choir will NOT be performing at the next choir concert, March 10th, as they have missed too many practices due to weather and testing.  Choir practices will resume March 10th and 11th.


There is a scheduling meeting for any 5th or 6th grade parent who couldn't attend the last scheduling meeting. This will be held on Wednesday, March 4th from 4:00 until 5:00 in the the new K-8 building's upstairs science lab.



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 Dr. Seuss Week Begins


To celebrate the birth of Dr. Seuss, students and staff dressed up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character.  Students also did a variety of Seuss worthy activities.  


100 Days 2

100 Days 8

100 Days 5










100 Days 6

100 Days 3First Graders performed a variety of activites to celebrate the end of 100 days of school.




 Q & U Wed on Valentine's Day 


QU class photo












QU kennedy and keegan 2


As per kindergarten tradition, Valentine's Day was not just a day of sending Valentine's cards to classmates, but it included several weddings of Brides "U" with Grooms "Q", uniting Q & U forever!



 Kindness Week 


5th-6th Choir

The 5th and 6th grade choir sings Kind Hearted Hand to kick off Kindness Week at Woodmore Elementary. 


 Peace, Love and Kindness Day 

Rock Star1Rock Star2











 Kindness Rocks Day


Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters!


On the last day of Kindness Week, we celebrated the end of three years of chemo treatments for sixth grader Connor Requena.



 Channel 13 covered the event for their news station.  Click here to see that broadcast


2nd Grade Wax Museum  

Woodmore's second graders researched and wrote short biographies on an American they believed played an important role in history.  They got into character by dressing up as that person and reciting their biography to fellow students, parents and friends in January.

Wax Museum 1

Wax Museum 2










Wax Museum 4

Wax Museum 5










Wax Museum 6

Wax Museum 7



Wax Museum 3


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2nd - Martin 2nd - Meinke 2nd - Sander 2nd - Ulinski
3rd - Clouse 3rd - Csizek            3rd - Delaney          3rd - Kissell        
4th - Kinison (Vamos) 4th - Lattimore 4th - Welch  1st-2nd-3rd - Advanced
5th - Drown 5th - Perkins 5th - Schlea  5th & 6th - Advanced
6th - Hammersmith 6th - Miller 6th - Peters  



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