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 633 Fremont St.

    Elmore, Ohio 43416

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                                   Woodmore High School  

                            633 Fremont St.

                          Elmore, Ohio 43416






              High School Principal - Jim Kieper                                                          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    ext. 3010




       High School Counselor - Andrew Hemminger       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   ext. 3060 

        High School Secretary - Jenny Geldien                  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ext. 3040


Woodmore High School Military Recognition Form

Thank you for such a great response to our request for information about alumni that served in the military or are currently on active duty.  This recognition is open to any alumni of Harris-Elmore High School, Woodville High School and Woodmore High School.  Please print out the form below and return it along with a wallet size picture to Jim Kieper, 633 Fremont Street, Elmore, Ohio 43416.  

Military Recognition Form - PDF


Fee Payments

If your student still owes fees, the fee amount is indicated on the grade card.  Please pay these fees as soon as possible.  Fees can be paid in the office or using www.payforit.net 

College Visits – Juniors & Seniors

Juniors and seniors should be scheduling and attending off campus college visits.  Students are allowed three college visits per year.  Please see Mr. Hemminger for the appropriate forms.  Many colleges are scheduled to be on campus to meet with our students.  Please check the “Colleges on Campus” section on the high school page on the district website.  www.woodmore.k12.oh.us

ACT Testing and Test Prep

The ACT is the college entrance exam that a majority of our students take when applying for colleges.  Scoring well on this test can greatly increase the amount of scholarship money that students could be awarded by the college they attend.  Students can take the ACT as many times as they would like but must pay for each test.  The Woodmore Academic Boosters sponsor an online program that Woodmore students can use to practice for the ACT.  This online program is free for our students.  For information about creating an account and using the system, please see Mr. Hemminger in the Guidance Office.


2015-16 Course Syllabus


English I Mrs. Nitz   Algebra I Mr. Spicer
Honors English I Mrs. Nitz   Geometry Mr. Smith
English II Mrs. Sandwisch   Honors Geometry Mr. Smith
Honors English II Mrs. Sandwisch   Algebra II Mr. Huss
English III Mrs. Nitz   Honors Algebra II Mr. Huss
AP Language & Comp Mrs. Flick   Pre Calculus Mr. Spicer
English IV Mrs. Flick   Honors Pre Calculus Mr. Huss
AP Literature  Mrs. Flick   AP Calculus Mr. Huss
CCP Comp I Mrs. Flick   Statistics Mr. Spicer
CCP Literature Mrs. Flick   Functions, Stats & Trig Mr. Smith
Journalism  Mrs. Nitz      
Yearbook Mrs. Sandwisch      
Critical Reading Mrs. Sandwisch      
PEC Mr. McMahon   World Studies 9 Mr. Bonnigson
Biology I Mrs. Saffran   US History 10 Mrs. Curtis
Biology II Mrs. Saffran   American Government Ms. Stewart
Chemistry Mr. McMahon   Economics Ms. Stewart
AP Chemistry Mr. McMahon   AP American Government Ms. Stewart
Physics Mr. McMahon   Pre 1700's Mr. Bonnigson
Anatomy  Mrs. Saffran   60's Mr. Bonnigson
      Behavorial Science Ms. Stewart
      Current Events Ms. Stewart
      World Geography Ms. Stewart
      AP US History Mrs. Curtis
Metal Fabracation Mr. Miller   Animal & Plant Science Mr. Downs
Manufacturing Woods Mr. Miller   Mechanical Principles Mr. Downs
Welding Mr. Miller   Livestock Selection Mr. Downs
Home Maintance Mr. Miller      
Woods & Crafts Mr. Miller      
Spanish I Mr. Adams   Band Mr. Emerine
Spanish II Mr. Adams   Jazz Band Mr. Emerine
Spanish III Mr. Adams   Women's Chorus Mrs. Nycz
Spanish IV Mr. Adams   Men's Chorus Mrs. Nycz
      Symphonic  Mrs. Nycz
ART     Health & Physical Education  
Art 2D Mrs. Peace   Health Mr. Bosh
Art 3D Mrs. Peace   PE I Mr. Bosh
Art I Mrs. Peace   Team Sports Mr. Bosh
Art II Mrs. Peace   Strength Training Mr. Bosh
Cermanics & Glass Mrs. Peace   Dance Fitness Mr. Bosh
Photography Mrs. Peace   Racquet Sports Mr. Bosh
ACT Prep Mr. Bonnigson      
Intro to Business Mr. Bonnigson      

Find the link to course syllabus under High School links on the left of this page.     If a syllabus is not posted, please check back as these will be updated frequently.

OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program



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