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    Need the Board Meeting Dates, click here:        

Regular Board Meeting, - March 17th  6:30 pm @ Woodmore High School 

                   New Building-Temporary Phone Number (567-482-4050)

           (You will be prompted for an extention number, please dial 2030 or 2040 to reach the office.)                                                          New Four Digit Extension List Click Here. 


State of our Schools    

  We want your input!

We are inviting 2 members of the communtiy to become standing members of the Board Finance Committee. If you are interested, please send your interest via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We kindly ask that interested parties respond before April 3, 2015.

Finance meetings are currently held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 AM in the Board office. Meetings generally last about an hour. All community members are welcome to attend. Amy questions, please contact Mrs. Pearson at the email listed above, or at 419-862-1060, ext. 102.




Blizzard Bag Update - 3/9/15

Parents, Woodmore Local Schools has been closed eight days this school year due to inclement weather therefore, blizzard bag #3 will also be utilized. The official due dates for each blizzard bag are listed below. Note that these may be completed prior to the due date. Students have two weeks to complete these assignments. These assignments can be accessed on Progress Book. If you need assistance with access please call the main office of each building. Thank you
Blizzard Bag #1 February 19-Due March 9
Blizzard Bag #2 March 10 Due March 24


Blizzard Bag #3 March 13 Due March 27
















To date Woodmore Local Schools have used five calamity days (closings). We are permitted to us five calamity days without beginning to make up days or utilize “blizzard bags.” Since we have used the fifth calamity days we will implement a “blizzard bag” for the 6th day school is closed  to keep students actively involved in teacher led educational materials.  These assignments would be posted on Progress Book for students to access them and begin to work on them. Remember that students will have up to two weeks from the date assigned  to complete the assignments and turn them in. If the student would not have access to the internet access, a hard copy of the assignments would be provided.


For those parents who have not signed up for a Progress Book account please call the school and receive information on how to register.


Last year, two consecutive “blizzard bags” days were assigned, but parents expressed concerns about the challenge to keep track of two days of assignments. If school is closed two days in a row (after our fifth day) the next set of assignments will be issued at a later date. The school recognizes that the intent of the blizzard bags is to not only aid in keeping the students from making up days later in the year but more importantly to keep them educationally engaged and to prevent these bad weather days from impeding on their education.


Pre-K-8 Building      567-482-4050 ext. 2030

HS                            419-862-2721  ext.  305




























Good morning:   Woodmore Local Schools will utilize it's second Blizzard Bag- on-line lessons. Remember that students have 2 weeks to complete the assignments. Those students without internet access will be given a hard copy of the lessons. Teachers will provide support to the students on their return.
The Elementary and High School will be open if you have any questions.
We will have still have the scheduling meeting this evening for current 9th  from 6-7
and current 8th from 7:30-9
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