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Bullying Prevention

    Elmore  Ministerium and Two Villages

Elmore Ministerium and Two Villages recently presented a check for $600 to Woodmore Junior and Senior High School, which will be used to fund January's Jim "Basketball" Jones assembly.  This assembly is part of WHS anti-bullying program this year.  Pictured:  D. J. Clough, Youth Pastor at St. John United Church of Christ; Rev. Stephen Lutz, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church; Rev. Denise Russell, Grace Lutheran Church; Kevin Ball, JH Principal; and Jim Kieper, HS Principal.

Jim "Basketball" Jones Assembly will take place on February 14th from 12:30-1:20 for the JH and 1:30-2:20 for the HS. 


Thanks to the JH Student Council for their $300 contribution and Woodmore JH/HS teachers for their $200 contribution to the assembly!



 Woodmore Schools Bullying Prevention 

   Bullying Policy                                            Bullying Prevention Brochure                                                              Summary Report               Bullying Report Form                     

Subject:     First Half 2013-14 S.Y. - Bullying Report



We are submitting our summary of reported incidents of bullying within our district for the first half of the 2013-14 school year.  


Woodmore Elementary

We had 21 bullying incidents that were written either in the bully binder or as discipline right-ups….each was addressed and we will continue to have the bi-weekly talks and try to educate our students.

Junior High

For this reporting period, we investigated 23 incidents of bullying and each incident was addressed. For any other information, please call Kevin Ball, Junior High Principal.


High School

At the high school, 13 incidents of bullying were reported; seven were confirmed as bullying.


To join our Bullying Prevention Committee, please contact Mr. Ball at 419-862-2721 ex. 302.  Students, parents and community members are welcome.  Our next scheduled meeting will take place on January 21th at 2:45 at the HS.


 Click below to learn more about our 

OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program

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