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 Woodmore Local Schools is registered with Ohio's school safety tip line



Woodmore Joins School Safety Reporting Tip Line

Woodmore Schools is one of almost 1,300 Ohio schools now providing students and parents access to Ohio’s toll-free school safety tip line, Safer OH (844-SaferOH). By calling the line, users can share information with school officials and law enforcement agencies about threats ranging from a mass incident to a case of bullying or harm to a single student. Callers may give their names or remain unidentified. Tip line staff may ask for more details about the threat to decide what kind of help is needed.

Research shows that in 81 percent of violent incidents in U.S. schools, someone other than the attacker knew something was coming but failed to report it.  Many witnesses feared being a “snitch” or becoming a target of the attacker or bully. Anonymous tip lines help ease that fear and are a good way of learning about potential threats to students and schools.

The SaferOH tip line takes calls 24 hours a day, whenever an Ohio student or adult senses a threat to their safety or the safety of others in a school.

Trained professionals at Ohio Homeland Security’s Threat Assessment and Prevention (TAP) unit answer all calls to 844-SaferOH.  When action is needed, TAP workers quickly forward information to local school leaders and law enforcement agencies.

Keep the 844-SaferOH (844-723-3764) phone number handy and make sure your child knows the number as well. Schools should be safe places to learn. Woodmore is committed to keeping our school, our students and our community safe.



District Testing Results 2014-15

The link below will take you our district testing results from last years testing.  The results are compiled in comparison format between the public schools in both Ottawa and Sandusky County.  Over all, our students performed pretty well for this being the first year on the new testing system.  The number show that we are excelling in areas and have work to do in others.  This information will be used to drive our discussions as we continue to move forward with testing.  If you have any questions, please contact Jim Kieper at 419-862-2721 ext. 3010.  This information was pulled directly from the Ohio Department of Education website.


District  Testing Results PDF






























































Good morning:   Woodmore Local Schools will utilize it's second Blizzard Bag- on-line lessons. Remember that students have 2 weeks to complete the assignments. Those students without internet access will be given a hard copy of the lessons. Teachers will provide support to the students on their return.
The Elementary and High School will be open if you have any questions.
We will have still have the scheduling meeting this evening for current 9th  from 6-7
and current 8th from 7:30-9
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