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Advisor: Mrs. Tina Sandwisch

419.862.2721 ext. 341
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                                           2014/15 Yearbook Staff:

Kait Gephart - Editor in Chief              

Megan Marik - Editor

Jordan Williams - Business Manager

Jessie Sotak - Sales Manager

Kirstin Aliemenious - Photo Editor 

Olivia Sevits - Page Designer



Do you wonder why more people are not pictured in the yearbook? It's because the yearbook does not have photographs. You can help change that by sharing your picture with us.

Our publishing company, Balfour, has made it easier: First, Search for "Balfour Image Share" at the App Store on iTunes or on Google Play; secondly, fill in the fields including the number 578010. When you take a picture with your phone, you can send it to our yearbook account. If we can use your photo, we will credit you.



To ensure a copy of the 2015 yearbook, order yours today! There will only be a few extra copies available for sale after they arrive in August.  They will be sold on a first come (paid) basis. Once an order is placed with the publishing company, they can't print another run of the book. They do not keep our book on file. If you have questions, please contact Tina Sandwisch.



We want every senior pictured in the yearbook and on the class composite. If you have not been photographed by Woodard, please make an appointment for a FREE yearbook only photo (YBO). 

Woodard will be at Woodmore High School on Dec. 9, 2014. Students will be making an appointment with Mrs. Flick in English.  Students who do not have Mrs. Flick for English, can make an appontment with Mrs. Sandwisch.

Don't miss out!  The last day to be photographed is Dec. 19, 2014. 


News from Lifetouch/Prestige:


  I am happy to announce that we have scheduled an in-school senior yearbook only day at Penta Career Center this year! This photography will cover all Lifetouch/Prestige (formerly Woodard Photographic) schools that feed into Penta.


This will take place next Wednesday, October 15!  A few details are still being ironed out, but here's what I have so far:  Photography will take place from 11:00-1:32 in the auditorium lobby.  This gives the students the opportunity to come down during the Student Success period or during lunch. We will be bringing two setups, which will allow us to accommodate approximately four students every five minutes.


Keep in mind that Penta students are required to be in uniform during the day and that this uniform may or may not fall into your school's yearbook requirements.  They are allowed to change clothes for pictures, but must put their uniform back on for the remainder of the day.



Check out Visit this web page to order photographs taken of your student athlete.

Want to help out the Woodmore Yearbook? We have a quick and easy way that won't cost you a thing! All you need is a Kroger Plus Card. Details here.

Shopping at Miller's? Remember to save and bring in your receipts to help keep the cost of your yearbook down!

Attention Senior students and their parents-- All seniors need to be photographed by Woodard to be in the portrait section of the yearbook.  We want every senior pictured. You have 2 options.

1. Option #1: Woodard will be at the high school in December 9, 2014, starting at 7:00 a.m. 

2. Look for information concerning this date. Once we announce the date you will need to make an appointment with Mrs. Sandwisch unless you are at the high school and have Mrs. Flick for senior English; those students will make their appointment in the English classroom.

3.  Option #2: Make an appointment at the Studio in Levis Commons before Dec. 19, 2014. It is free.  HOWEVER, Dec. 20 is the last day to get your picture taken.


Want Your Photos In the Yearbook?  Just click here and upload your photos for a chance to have them featured in the 2015 Yearbook! Support your team by sending us photos showing us what you are made of!

The high school yearbook is on sale for $45.00 until January 4, 2015. Yearbooks can ordered by going to After the January 4 date, the yearbook price increases to $50.00. On June 4, 2015, the price will increase to $55.00.  After June 9, 2015 the price increases to $60.00 while supplies last.

Didn't Buy a 2014 Yearbook?  Books are still on sale for $60.00! See Mrs. Sandwisch for more info and find out what was on last year's students' “Home Sweet Home"

Attention parents of Seniors:  If you would like to reserve a space for your favorite senior, please send in the form and check by Jan. 6, 2015. We have limited space; so if  you send payment in too late and we've run out of room, your check will be returned.  Please click here for additional information regarding purchasing a Senior ad in our yearbook.

Thinking of Advertising With Us? Just click here for a list of prices and other important information.

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